Des Moines & Mississippi Levee District No. 1 - Submersible Pump

Clark County, MO

The Des Moines & Mississippi Levee District No. 1 is located in Clark County, Missouri along the right bank of the Mississippi River. The District encompasses approximately 10,989 acres and provides levee protection from the Des Moines, Mississippi, and Fox Rivers as well as interior drainage for the protected properties. The District has experienced severe interior flooding over multiple years prior to 2010 that led to a desire for improved pumping capacity and efficiency.

Klingner & Associates, P.C. performed design services towards the construction of a pump intake structure capable of housing two 41,500 GPM rated submersible pumps. The pumps are driven by electric motors complete with variable frequency drives, telemetry, and SCADA. The entire pump station is flood proofed up to a 500-year flood. The design incorporates siphon recovery system for increased efficiency and allows the Levee District client to pump against a wide range of head conditions.

In addition to the new station, a second project was completed on the existing adjacent pump station. The existing station houses two diesel engine driven pumps that had been the Levee District’s only pumping system for many years. The growing price of diesel fuel and the inefficiency of these old pumps led the Levee District to request Klingner to design an electric conversion for one of the existing pumps. With the diesel engine replaced by an electric motor, a substantial cost savings has been realized by the Levee District.