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Creating Cohesive Experiences

Strong site designs live at the intersection of efficiency and user experience. Our site designers and engineers convert clients’ needs into reality by creating sustainable, accessible, and functional outdoor spaces.

A Place For Everyone

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Cullan Duke

“Every person deserves an accessible experience.

Regardless of the project, we keep an eye on accessibility requirements and developing end results that can be enjoyed by the entire community.”

Cullan Duke, PLA
Site Development Department Manager

Thoughtful Site Design

Every detail impacts your site’s usability and function.

Before design, we conduct a site analysis to gather as much information as possible about the site, its users, and your circulation needs for patrons and vehicles. Code reviews and coordination with regulatory agencies are a standard practice at Klingner, ensuring requirements are met from the start. This careful examination reveals how we can integrate crucial design elements — and highlight natural features — all while minimizing unnecessary expenses.

From industrial sites to streetscapes, parks to schools, we also design with the future in mind. Meticulously planning utilities, drainage, parking, and more paves the way for eventual growth and expansions.

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Parking lot at a new industrial facility

Comprehensive Site Services

We see the entire picture. Klingner’s site development engineering services include:

Aerial of a parking lot and drive-thru


  • Public / Private Site Layout Design
  • Residential / Commercial Subdivision Design
  • Parking Lot Design & Rehabilitation
  • Industrial Site Design
  • Stormwater Management & Drainage Design
Trail looking eastward

Recreation Design & Rehabilitation

  • Public Parks
  • Campgrounds
  • Trails
  • Stadiums
  • Sport Fields
  • Running Tracks
  • Golf Courses
  • Tennis Courts
  • Lakes
  • Marinas & Docks
Landscaping with native plants

Ancillary Services

  • Master Planning
  • Site Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Site Reclamation
  • Grading Plans
  • Site Lighting
  • Utilities Planning
  • Permitting
Drainage map of a site

Managing Surface Stormwater

One of the biggest threats to a site is improper drainage. Data-driven drainage decisions have been at the core of thousands of Klingner’s successful site and storm sewer designs. With an in-depth evaluation of your site, city’s stormwater system, and / or regional watershed, our site development engineers confidently address both stormwater management and soil erosion concerns.


Sean Henry

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