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Promoting Sanitary Waste Disposal

Our communities. The environment. Workers. Proper wastewater disposal and treatment protects all three.

The wastewater engineers at Klingner have resolved hundreds of issues — from inflow and infiltration to ineffective treatment — both efficiently and economically.

Comprehensive Wastewater Design

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Mark Bross

“When we design, we’re always looking at the ‘big picture’.

What will your wastewater system need in 5 years? 10 years? We find the best solution today while planning for future upgrades and enhancements to maximize your investment.”

Mark Bross, PE
Drinking Water / Wastewater Department Manager

Practical. Safe. Compliant.

Klingner’s engineers have done it all. We’ve designed 500,000+ LF of sewer main lining, 200,000+ LF of sewer main, 600+ manhole rehabilitations and linings, and countless wastewater treatment solutions.

Each of our projects utilizes practical and appropriate designs that go beyond just handling the treated effluent. We monitor every project’s effect on the larger system. Keeping you within EPA standards for nitrogen, ammonia, and other monitored pollutants is one of our top priorities.

We don’t stop there. Regulations for wastewater treatment are constantly evolving. Klingner’s engineers play an active role in regulatory stakeholder meetings and guide studies for new technologies to better understand anticipated changes and proactively address problems. No matter the project, we make sure our clients are prepared for the future — with designs that keep their employees and constituents safe.

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Sewer main installation

Comprehensive Wastewater Services

Klingner can handle your entire project — no subconsultants needed. We specialize in the following:

Clarifier at a wastewater treatment plant


  • Wastewater Treatment Facility Design, Planning, & Improvements
  • Wastewater Collection & Treatment System Design
  • Lift Station Design & Rehabilitation
  • Sewer System Design & Inspection
  • Industrial Waste Treatment & Pretreatment Design
  • Zero Discharge Irrigation System Design
Lift station


  • Preliminary Engineering Reports & Facility Plans
  • Rate Studies
  • Antidegradation Reviews
A wastewater treatment facility

Ancillary Services

  • Permitting Assistance for NDPES, Construction, & Regulatory Permits
  • Grant Funding & Eligibility Research (USDA-RD, CDBG, DNR, EPA, etc.)
  • Master Planning
Aerator rotors

Streamlining Your Operations

Your staff is a crucial piece of the puzzle. When designing a wastewater project, Klingner’s engineers work closely with you to assess your needs. Whether we’re developing a simple and practical system or automating parts of the process, your treatment solution will be one that is easily operated and maintained by your team.

Wastewater Grant Support

We remove the guesswork from the grant process. The engineers at Klingner know that a thorough preliminary engineering report is your best tool to secure the most state and federal funding possible.

In addition to assessing your current system, prioritizing upgrades, and presenting alternatives and cost estimates, each report outlines potential funding sources and a community’s eligibility.

Aerial of a lagoon component
Sewer manhole

Permitting Assistance

Klingner makes permitting simple. Regularly designing wastewater infrastructure in Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa keeps our team up-to-date on necessary permits and requirements. In addition to construction and operating permits, we know how to assist our clients with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permits and can walk them through the process. If need be, Klingner is also capable of performing antidegradation review studies to assist with setting permit limits and obtaining applicable permits.


Geoffrey Thompson

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