Project Summary

Klingner provided site selection, as well as architectural and engineering services for this new Adams County EMS facility. An “essential facility rated” pre-engineered steel building, the structure features a 3,000 SF apparatus garage. The garage is capable of housing three ambulance crews, one command vehicle, and a reserve ambulance used for transfers. On the building’s west end, an expansion main frame was incorporated to allow for future bays. An approximately 250 SF mechanical mezzanine was constructed on top of the interior precast concrete storm shelter. The mezzanine is accessed by an alternating tread stair from the apparatus garage.

The 3,400 SF paramedic living space creates a home-like atmosphere for working EMS crews. The living quarters include sleeping rooms, lockers, restroom and shower facilities, a day room, a kitchen / dining area, a general work station, an office, a training room, a storm shelter / storage room, a decontamination room, and a locked medical supplies room. Full height, 2-hour fire-rated walls separate the apparatus garage from the living quarters and separate the sleeping rooms (with required limited fire sprinkler system) from the rest of the living quarters.

Interior finishes consist predominantly of stained concrete floors, gypsum board walls, and suspended gypsum board ceilings. Carpet tile was used for the training room and offices, while the entry vestibule utilizes walk-off carpet tile.

The building exterior features panelized stone veneer window sills on the north and east walls, face-applied horizontal ribbed metal accent panels, and tensile rod canopies over the north and east entrance doors.

Bids came within 3-1/2% of our estimate.