Project Summary

Klingner provided professional design services for various infrastructure improvements to multiple clients within the South Quincy Industrial Park, including:

Rail Spur – To help plant operations deliver goods at optimal efficiency, Klingner designed 3,510 feet of rail line connecting the industrial park to the Burlington Northern Santa Fe industrial rail line that serves south Quincy. Three at-grade crossings are located at Radio Road, Sixth Street, and First Street. In addition to civil engineering services, Klingner professionals provided construction staking and construction material testing for the rail extension. Accompanying this project were the Klingner-designed relocation of an elevated unloading ramp; elevated blending silo; and pneumatic pipe conveyor, supports, and new pipe bridge over Sixth Street.

Archaeological Studies – Klingner provided surveying services to V3 Company for a Phase 2 archaeological survey of the 27-acre site.

Bio-Diesel Site – Klingner provided civil / site engineering design services for M&W Contractors to comply with city ordinances and resolve floodplain issues. Permits were obtained in coordination with the City of Quincy, Adams County Engineer, and the South Quincy Drainage District. Klingner professionals addressed items including site drainage and storm sewer management; EPA stormwater, water, and sanitary sewer permits; a geotechnical investigation and reports with 10 soil borings, and construction staking. Additionally, Klingner provided a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and wetland delineation study of the property.