Project Summary

The City of Canton contacted Klingner to project a bold new image for the City by converting an abandoned water intake structure atop a Mississippi levee into an observation tower.

Originally, the City envisioned a wooden fort structure; however, initial talks with Klingner architects and engineers revealed a higher long-term cost with maintenance and wood’s increased susceptibility to vandalism were taken into account. Instead, the City chose a galvanized steel and concrete design that adds value to the project through a lower lifecycle cost. Before altering the structure, Klingner requested and received approval from USACE.

Inspired by local bird watchers, Klingner’s design team created a flowing canopy and a deck 30 FT above the river that leans forward, mimicking the appearance of a bird in flight. The structure also includes a new single spline stair, concrete viewing deck with benches, safety railing, and trail connection.

Due to higher wind velocities along the river, canopy construction was carefully coordinated with environmental conditions.