Project Summary

Klingner provided conceptual and final design for Camp Sacajawea, a 77-acre tract of woodland owned by Transitions of Western Illinois.

The project scope included a base plan utilizing USGS and GIS data to produce contours as well as a conceptual master plan. The plan considered various amenities and their spatial requirements, such as an accessible lodge and kitchen for indoor eating / recreation space, outdoor archery and firearms target ranges with 5-station sporting clays, accessible deer and turkey hunting blinds, and expansion provisions for an indoor shooting range. Other major design elements involved an access road along the east border, improvements to the west access road, trails, and overnight accommodations.

Klingner provided final design for several elements that have since been constructed: a recreational pond with an accessible fishing pier and dock; trails; parking; an accessible restroom; and an on-site sand filter sanitary treatment system. Due to the soils present on the site and depth of bedrock, a liner was designed and incorporated in the pond. Trails were designed to minimize disturbance to wooded areas and mitigate extreme grade changes. A pedestrian access was designed to enhance and provide connection to one of the natural springs on site. One of the trails also includes a sheltered seating and rest area. Design services and permitting assistance were provided for the sanitary treatment system.

Funding for Phase I was acquired through the Recreational Trails Program, the Federal Funding for Trails (FTP) provided through TEA 21 and administered by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.