Dam Inspections

McDonough County, IL

Klingner professionals provided two dam inspections, one for Alsey Dam and another for Rickmeyer Dam, both located in McDonough County, IL.  Klingner completed the dam inspections and prepared the necessary paperwork to facilitate the permitting for both dams.  Currently, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources has our paperwork for permitting the dams.

Within our inspection services, we included such items as:

  • Completed joint application forms
  • Warranty deeds
  • Inspection reports
  • Operation and maintenance plans
  • Agreement for access, reimbursement
  • Pump calculations

In this particular case, Alsey Lake Dam is a Class II dam that had no built-in drawdown capability in either its original configuration nor as reconstructed.  Therefore, in order to satisfy the dewatering requirement, we suggested the dam owner purchase a pump, which would draw down the ponds to 50% of their volume in 5 to 11 days; meeting the necessary requirement within regulations.