Klingner & Associates’ Adds New 3-D Scanning Technology Services

Throughout his 40 year career, Klingner & Associates, P.C.’s Director of Surveying located in Quincy, Steve Mock, PLS, has watched survey industry equipment evolve from simple transits with 100ft steel tapes, to highly efficient, laser scanning systems. Recently, the firm purchased a state-of-the-art Trimble TX5 Laser Scanning System to continue evolving with the latest technology and most importantly, better serve our clients. The Trimble TX5 Laser Scanner is a data collection system that effectively processes and analyzes large datasets in a quick, accurate and efficient procedure. With an easy push of a button, technicians can set scanning parameters and monitor as the scanner surveys from floor to ceiling, then in a 360 degree circle around itself. The scanner has the capacity to quickly capture millions of 3D data points within industry standard formats; which is most valuable when measuring stockpile volumes, surveying underground storage facilities and topographic surveys. The technology behind the Trimble decreases many safety concerns as well, since technicians can measure objects from ground level; without the need for safety harnesses or special lift equipment. In addition, Mock stated that the Trimble scanner completes most tasks at a reduced field completion time, compared to previous data collection methods. This time reduction is a huge increase in productivity and provides a major cost reduction to Klingner clients. The 3D data is also conveniently compatible with leading CAD software such as Revit, AutoCAD, and Tekla BIMSight. Multiple departments within Klingner & Associates will be utilizing this technology. Dave Metzger, Chief Architect for the firm’s architectural division of Metzger Johnson Architects in Burlington, Iowa, sees opportunities to collect 3D building data from building facades and difficult to access areas of building interiors in order to expedite designs for facility renovations. Essentially, the new technology will quickly give architects a “mold” to enhance design efficiency while reducing design time. Metzger believes this new technology will benefit a multitude of projects, from as-built condition scans, historic structure documentation both inside and out, to even unique needs such as accident scene documentation. Metzger further remarked how this equipment has a huge upside potential and that each day staff is learning more ways it can be utilized. Klingner is proud to be a leader in the tri-state area with advanced scanning technology to continue providing quality and efficient solutions for our clients.\

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