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A man surveying in a yard next to a roadway

Gathering The Right Material For Our Clients

Klingner provides property surveys across the Midwest. These surveys involve records research, gathering sufficient evidence in the field, and / or establishing the location of property interests – often detailed in a document or deed. While some property lines are marked by roads or clear variations, others are hard to locate. We are here to help.

Our team organizes and assesses the relevance and value of the various pieces of encountered evidence. Our surveyors also write suggested legal descriptions – which are used by attorneys, abstractors, and others – in the preparation of new legal documents pertaining to property.

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Did You Know…

Klingner houses a library of survey records from the 1800’s to today. This massive collection includes communities throughout Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa. With over 100 years of data at our fingertips, we provide clients a complete picture.

Learn If Your Property Has Easements

An easement is the legal right to exercise privileges over another person’s land. This means either the public, an entity, or an individual can have access to some part of a property for a range of purposes. Easements are commonly in the form of Rights-of-Way, rights of access and rights of drainage, or utilities. A property survey can give clients a better understanding of whether or not they have any easements on their land.

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An Expert Resource

Talk to our surveying experts

Jeff Miller

“We Take Our Work Seriously.

A property survey is the best way to understand your land. Over time, property markers may be disturbed or removed due to many circumstances. We have the skilled staff, equipment, and knowledge to resolve your survey questions.”

Jeff Miller, PLS
Professional Land Surveyor
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What Information Do You Need?

At minimum, our surveyors will ask for your name, address, and phone number, along with the property location (i.e. lot number, subdivision name or section, township, and range) to be surveyed. We will also ask if there are any special circumstances we should be aware of. If you have a copy of the deed to your property, that will help us make an initial determination of the scope of your project and allow us to check our records for previous surveys in your vicinity.

How Do We Get Started?

Our projects are done on the basis of a work agreement / proposal. The agreement describes our understanding of the project scope and defines our mutual expectations. For property surveys, we generally charge for the time and expense incurred. We will not schedule your work until we receive a signed copy of the agreement. Your signature is our authorization to proceed.

A surveyor surveying next to a roadway

We Offer More

Klingner is a full service architecture, engineering, geotechnical, and land surveying firm. Explore what we have to offer.


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We’re Local

In many of the communities we work in, Klingner has a large collection of historic data to assist us with your survey. If needed, we also work with counties and municipalities to assist with our property survey assessments.

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Multidisciplinary Expertise

If you have a project that requires additional support, Klingner has experts in every professional discipline. Your local surveyor can refer you to any one of our staff for additional assistance.

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Send Us A Message or Give Us A Call

If you have any questions about your property boundary, reach out to Klingner and we will promptly respond with a phone call or a conversation about your needs and expectations.