Quincy Park District - Washington Park Restrooms

Quincy, IL

Klingner & Associates provided civil site design, architectural, structural, mechanical/electrical/plumbing and surveying services for a new public restroom building with dual user male and female facilities. Specific elements of the project involved coordination with existing historic elements in the park, vandalism prevention, accessibility issues, aesthetics, and public safety/security.

The new restroom facility architecture mimics the architecture of the existing bandstand located directly south and opposite the restroom. As part of the Lincoln-Douglas debate sesquicentennial, foundations were included in the restroom design to accept “Looking for Lincoln” historical signs. Wall mounted display cases were also incorporated to allow the Park District to display information and brochures.

The design incorporates materials that would be resistant to vandalism. Fiberglass restroom partitions, concrete floors, and DEFS over CMU and cement board are examples of the vandal resistant materials utilized.

The use of LED lighting provides cost effective solutions by reducing the energy demand of the facilities. In addition to energy conservation, LED lighting can also be used to create aesthetic effects on buildings, as illustrated in the Washington Park photographs. The scalloped effects on the building wall add to the visual effect when viewed at night. Lighting utilized in the cupola emphasizes the period architecture and accents the historic architectural elements that blend with architecture already in the area.

Project Industries

Parks / Recreation

Departments Involved

Civil / Site and Recreational Development, Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing, Structural

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