Project Summary

Klingner worked with Quincy Park District to expand recreation opportunities along the Quincy riverfront by developing a master plan for Lincoln Park — the new home of the Quincy Park District offices.

Initial programming elements were developed through meetings with Quincy Park District’s staff and board. After vision sessions were completed, Klingner and Quincy Park District held a public open house to collect stakeholder and community input regarding project elements and community needs. Several concepts were created, along with opinions of probable costs, to show how programmatic elements could be incorporated into the site. Ultimately, Quincy Park District chose a highly-interactive design that features trails, a skate park, informal soccer field, amphitheater, large shelter house, universal playground, fitness / exercise equipment, a scenic overlook, and other amenities.

Klingner created a durable, lasting design to control long-term costs for Quincy Park District. Native plants are utilized throughout the master plan to reduce maintenance requirements for Quincy Park District. Additionally, LED lighting is specified in all features to reduce energy requirements and long-term lighting maintenance. Other master plan elements include: all weather playground surfacing, pre-engineered steel structures, paved trails, and grass pavers that reduce pavement costs while allowing maintenance vehicle access. These materials can withstand the impacts of flooding and minimize cleanup following flood events, preparing the park for river levels above the site’s 100-year flood elevation.

Due to the site’s history of industrial activity and filling, environmental and geotechnical expertise was required for the shelter foundation design and to identify any site limitations.

Construction of the master plan is phased to allow time for fundraising and manageable construction costs. At this time, the Klingner-designed restroom and shelter house have been constructed. Quincy Park District also installed a multi-sensory, fully accessible playground. Klingner coordinated local approvals to complete the first phases of this project.