Project Summary

Klingner designed the Deery Brothers’ showroom remodel and addition to be a comfortable and relaxing experience for their customers. The customer lounge — which is decorated with license plates from across the U.S. — features overstuffed leather chairs, raised bistro tables, and an outdoor seating area. An all glass, air conditioned and heated new vehicle delivery bay is visible from the customer lounge with views of the service drive and service bays. Up to seven vehicles, including a full-size truck, can occupy the showroom to display after-market products. The increased openness is complimented by natural stone accents, granite counters, and warm cherry woodwork. Five televisions are installed around the showroom.

The design also takes into account the needs of the employees. All three main showroom entrances are large enough to drive a vehicle through. The sales managers work together in the sales tower where they can easily consult with one another. From the tower, they have a view of the entire sales offices and unobstructed views of the car lot so they can easily see if a customer needs help. The Owner has a view of all three entrances while sitting at his desk. The views were verified using a 3D modeling program. Finally, a back hallway was incorporated to reduce the travel distance for the finance managers to the administration office.

Design features also include: special exterior glazing to reduce solar heat gain; additional sound insulation for interior offices and conference rooms; LED lighting for reduced energy consumption; and extended structural steel spans for ease of moving cars inside the showroom. The remodeled store will improve the customer’s experience and increase efficiency of the staff.