Project Summary

Klingner provided Phase II and Phase III engineering services for the removal and replacement of 20th Avenue (CH 16) from IL 94 to Seaton, IL. The project included surface removal of the existing asphalt and a 1.5” HMA overlay. Additional improvements included aggregate shoulder placement, driveway replacement, ADA compliant sidewalk ramps, pavement markings, and other miscellaneous items.

On-site inspection, field measurements, quantity calculations for plan quantity payments, project diary entries, material documentation review, project administration filing, IDOT correspondence, and field reports were completed daily while utilizing IDOT’s ICORS software. On a weekly basis, Klingner generated Traffic Control Inspection reports and Resident Engineer reports. Additionally, Pay Estimates were generated monthly and submitted to Mercer County and IDOT’s Construction Department for review and approval. Asphalt nuclear density testing, concrete material testing, and concrete strength testing were also provided by Klingner professionals. Lastly, Klingner’s Resident Engineer coordinated with IDOT’s Construction Department and Materials Department to verify that quantity reports, material reports, payment records, and all documentation files were accurate and finalized according to IDOT’s closeout procedures.

All work has been completed according to the project’s Special Provisions, IDOT’s Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, IDOT’s Construction Manual, IDOT’s Manual of Test Procedures for Materials, IDOT’s Project Procedures Guide, and IDOT’s Documentation of Contract Quantities booklet.