Quincy’s riverfront is at a turning point…

Since December 2019, the riverfront has been the subject of a new master plan developed by Klingner and design partners SWT Design, Convergence Design, and ME Strong. This project – spearheaded by the City of Quincy, Adams County, and Quincy Park District – infuses life into one of the area’s most valuable assets by proposing new attractions and refreshing existing infrastructure.

Several existing projects made this the right time to envision a new riverfront. Within the next ten years, there are planned improvements to nearby streets; the Quincy Bay; Lincoln Park; and, most notably, a new bridge at York Street. Developing a plan that capitalizes on and coordinates these changes creates a structure for future development.

With guidance from the Steering Committee, nearly 3,000 responses to surveys, and input from numerous stakeholders, this plan is truly a community vision. Investment in the riverfront will yield returns by spurring private investment around the riverfront and downtown.
– Cullan Duke,
Project Manager

Over the past year, the team held numerous stakeholder meetings, received 2,796 survey responses, and hosted two interactive virtual open houses. The first open house gauged public interest in different possible attractions, while the second garnered feedback on two preliminary concepts. These various forms of engagement allowed the team to better understand the needs and priorities of surrounding businesses and the community. A project website and an interactive story map were also developed to share details of the project.

The Riverfront Master Plan connects Quincy’s downtown area with the riverfront via a ramp leading to the heart of Clat Adams Bicentennial Park. This ramp solves a decades-long problem by creating an accessible pedestrian route down the bluff. Below, visitors can experience events on a permanent stage, an interactive play area, terraced river access, courtesy docks, connections to the Bill Klingner Trail system, a bridge to Quinsippi Island, and more. The plan also calls for a cruise boat dock and converting the Memorial Bridge into a scenic overlook.

Flood mitigation received major consideration during the development of this plan. The addition of low floodwalls and elevating key attractions will dramatically reduce flooding in the core area.

The final report was presented with governance structure ideas, programming recommendations, resources and funding options, and suggested phasing.

The City of Quincy, Adams County, and Quincy Park District officially adopted the plan this spring. The first step, burial of the overhead electric, is in the final design stage and will be bid later this year.