Q: Tell us a bit about yourself…

Kim: I’m an architect in our Pella branch and have been with the company since 2005. I’m licensed in five states and enjoy design and the visualization of projects the most. I love to work and collaborate with staff and clients to help solve building challenges and issues, and I really enjoy incorporating sustainable design within design solutions when I can. A great day for me starts with walking or riding my bike to work, enjoying a bold brew of coffee, and reminding myself to be a good listener. I enjoy helping to manage our office and volunteering with local non-profit groups. My hobbies include all things relating to building, restoring, and remodeling.

Q: Why did you become an architect?

Kim: I love the language of design. I grew up drawing, designing, organizing, and building things so I was destined for this career. When touring in the military and experiencing the built works of Thomas Jefferson, Frank Lloyd Wright, and others, I felt the power of design and the architectural language which speaks to people. To play even a small part in the design of the built environment is rewarding. Everyone is deserving of something that is safe, healthy, and sustainable.

Q: What piece of advice would you give someone choosing the same career?

Kim: Be passionate about your career and put your heart into it. Make sure that you remember to enjoy each day, and if it’s a bad day, learn from it. Treat your client like you would want to be treated and always remember to communicate.

Q: Is there a project you’ve worked on thus far in your career that you’re proudest of?

Kim: Lincoln-Douglas Elementary School in Quincy, IL, and the river observation deck in Canton, MO. Two totally different types and scales of projects, but equally rewarding in many ways. A tremendous amount of collaboration took place on both projects.

Q: What sports team do you root for?

Kim: The Green Bay Packers are my ultimate sports team. I love Wisconsin, the City of Green Bay, Lambeau Field, and Title Town. I am a season ticket holder and team owner. The Packers are owned by the fans and I own three shares, which basically means that I donated money to the Packers Organization in exchange for stock certificates. The Packers are the classic little guy story; there is no way that a small town should ever be able to field a professional football team to compete with other billionaire team owners throughout the league. Packers fans have donated money five different times to help save and keep the team in Green Bay. If you’ve never been to Title Town, put it on your bucket list. You will not be disappointed. GO PACK GO!

Q: Who is your hero?

Kim: My wife. We make a great team and have worked together on numerous remodeling and new construction projects, often while living in the construction. Every time we’ve had a major decision to make, we had a great discussion and listened to each other. We did everything “backwards” when were first married. We had our family first, then I went to school later to pursue college degrees and to join the military. I was 29 when I first attended Culver-Stockton College and then enlisted in the Army National Guard. Starting a business, returning to school to pursue degrees, changing careers, joining the military, and all of the other numerous life changing decisions we’ve made were made in agreement. She’s one strong and incredible lady; the best.