Klingner & Associates, P.C. has been assisting small to mid-sized communities, industries and rural water systems since the 1940s in planning and design of water supply, treatment, storage and distribution facilities. In addition, we create cost-effective solutions for the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater, including sanitary sewage, industrial wastes and storm water. Our Firm is a leader in the design and implementation of -zero discharge- systems by recycling municipal wastewater for irrigation of recreation and agricultural lands. These innovative facilities provide effective and economic operations.

A Sample of our Services Include:

  • Preliminary reports
  • Grant/loan research and assistance
  • Permitting and permitting assistance
  • Rate studies
  • Preparation of contract documents and bidding analysis
  • System and facility design/build, planning and improvements
  • Resident construction engineering and operation assistance
  • Water supply, distribution and treatment systems
  • Water storage
  • Wastewater collection systems and treatment systems
  • Industrial waste treatment and pretreatment
  • Retrofit design and construction
  • Sewer system evaluations and combined sewer overflow control
  • Residuals management
  • Pump stations