Klingner & Associates, P.C. provides comprehensive structural engineering services as an integral part of our architectural, civil engineering, forensic and industrial projects.

A few of the most requested structural services include:

  • Transportation (Bridges & Culverts)
  • Historic Restoration / Preservation
  • Commercial
  • Civil / Educational
  • Industrial (Building & Equipment support structural systems)
  • Civil works (wastewater, levee inspection, pump stations, retaining walls)
  • Structural Evaluation / Forensic Engineering (expert testimony, rehabilitation and/or forensic investigations of low to mid-rise commercial, industrial and institutional buildings).
  • Design / Build
  • Foundation Systems
  • IBC Special Structural Inspections
  • Agricultural Storage Buildings
  • Parking Structures
  • Water Resources (Flood Control structures, pumping Stations, dams)
  • Shoring Design

Our firm has demonstrated expertise in all aspects of structural evaluation and design for concrete, pre-stressed concrete, steel, masonry, timber, fiberglass, aluminum and composite structures.  Appropriate foundation systems are designed according to loading and site conditions.