Spotlight Service of the Month: Environmental Services

Klingner & Associates, P.C. is extremely proud of our hard-working team of professionals within the Environmental Department. They are constantly continuing their efforts in developing and focusing on additional services that they can provide. Not only are they always striving their best for our clients but also providing excellent support to other professionals within our various departments; especially in the permitting process where National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) reviews are required. Infact, their first preliminary wetland mitigation plan, under new federal regulations, has been approved! Not to mention, they recently performed a third party review on an environmental investigation for a client, where certain remediation efforts were being requested. Upon review, the savings to the client well exceeded a whopping $20,000!! This is just another example of the quality and value we truly provide to our clients. Our Environmental team continues to perform services such as: asbestos inspections, leaking underground storage tank investigations/remediations, mold and indoor air quality consultations/inspections, and industrial services for the tri-state area. A complete list of Environmental services can be found on our website, at