Quincy Area Hydropower Project

Update on the Quincy Area Hydropower Project: Quincy, Illinois has permits for Hydropower Development at lock and dams #21, #24, and #25. Final License application to FERC has now been submitted for the initial project, Great River Hydropower, LLC, Lock and Dam 21 Hydropower. This project will be the first in the United States to use a new technology, very low head (VLH) design turbines as developed by MJ2 Technologies S.A.R.L. in Millau, France. The technology is in use in several rivers in France, and projects are also in development in Italy, Belgium, and Canada. This is the first turbine to meet Department of Energy criteria for fish friendly due to the low speed and velocity profile. Fish testing has already been completed in France, and additional testing is being scheduled in Canada with North American species. The Quincy project application has worked closely with Missouri DNR, Illinois DNR and U.S. Fish and Wildlife on environmental studies and review as part of the license application. Pending License approval scheduled by FERC for January 2012, project is to start construction in 2012 and be completed by January 1, 2014. Mead & Hunt of Madison, Wisconsin is a sub-consultant to Klingner & Associates, P.C.