WisPak - Bottling Facility and Warehouse

Quincy, IL

This 168,000 SF production facility was a design-build project with Bleigh Construction. Klingner provided architectural, site planning, landscaping, structural, electrical, mechanical , & HVAC design. Also provided similar services for a 33,720 SF expansion to the facility.

Klingner professionals carefully coordinated efforts which included compliance with the USDA regulations and insurance company requirements, as well as PepsiCo’s standards for construction. Project elements involved subsurface conditions, water distribution & fire service system, storm & sanitary sewerage system, downstream waste provisions, CO2 exhaust system, fire pump room, railroad access design, and detention basins.
Landscape/Civil elements contained full design services with railroad access design, detention basins, and tie-in to Linear Park development. Site designers included truck traffic analysis and design of paved areas to accommodate truck turning and backing.

Structural elements included precast concrete panel support, design of thickened slabs for greater equipment flexibility. The facility was designed customized to minimize damage by forklifts, including floor hardener for concrete, structural column protection, precast concrete walls to 10’ AFF.

Mechanical/electrical elements to note, all rooftops units were designed for cooled production room, fan-powered ventilation for the warehouse and CO2 exhaust system. The building has a 2000 amp and a 3000 amp electric service to accommodate their large electrical loads. Electrical design included providing major power distribution to all areas of the facility and complete branch-circuit design for all building related equipment.

Our optimized lighting design used 1000 watt metal halide fixtures instead of 400 watt metal halide fixtures which reduced both installation and maintenence costs for the client. HVAC included special design/equipment to keep a process room at 50 deg F using rooftop HVAC equipment (instead of refrigeration equipment). Klingner’s professional team provided code reviews and related designs to allow steam boilers and ammonia compressors to be installed in the same mechanical room, as requested by Wispak.

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Departments Involved

Architecture, Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing, Structural, Civil/Site, Landscape Architecture

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