City of New London - Wastewater Treatment Facility & Lagoon Rehabilitation

New London, MO

Klingner assisted the City of New London, MO, in the evaluation of wastewater treatment and sewer collection system alternatives, which would maintain NPDES permit compliance for the sewer system. As part of the alternative evaluation process for treatment, Klingner evaluated “no discharge” options such as drip irrigation and spray irrigation. To meet ammonia effluent limits, one cell of the existing 3-cell lagoon was modified into a mechanical treatment facility. This treatment facility also is set up to handle future limits for total nitrogen.
A Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) was completed for submittal to the Missouri DNR and the Missouri Water and Wastewater Review Committee for funding and approval. The project was funded by MoDNR-SRF, with a 25% loan and 75% grant.

Other work consisted of sewer collection improvements, including lining and replacement of sewer mains and lining and replacement of manholes to correct infiltration / inflow (I / I) problems in approximately 70% of the sewer collection system. Over 120 manholes and approximately 20,000 LF of sewer mains were either lined or replaced. Cured in place pipe (CIPP) and cured in place manholes (CIPM) were used to address repairs without significant excavation and costs. I / I flows were cut approximately 80% by the repairs completed in this project.

Klingner also assisted in obtaining a Rural Sewer Grant from Missouri DNR to pay for half of the cost of adding a liquid chlorination / dechlorination disinfection system at the lagoon treatment facility. Klingner provided the planning, engineering report, design, bidding, construction administration, and construction observation services for the addition of chemical feed equipment, a chlorine contact tank, and effluent flow meter for the 120,000 GPD lagoon treatment facility.

Project Industries

Water / Wastewater, Civic

Departments Involved

Structural, Land Surveying / GIS, Water / Wastewater

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