Warren Achievement Center

Monmouth, IL

The Warren Achievement Center (WAC) is located in Monmouth, IL and serves all of Warren County. Their mission is to enable persons with developmental disabilities to function to the maximum extent possible as responsible members of the community with the opportunity to choose and to realize their goals of where and how they live, learn, work and play. The people who receive services from WAC are called “Achievers”.

WAC has out grown their old building in Monmouth started to look for options to design a new facility that would increase their level of service to members of the community. Architects Michael Fries and Cody Basham of Klingner & Associates guided WAC through the programming process, while the WAC staff provided their goals and objectives for the new building. The WAC staff desired to design a building that fostered the “Spirit of Independence” for each Achiever who entered the building to receive program services.

Klingner worked through several different building design options to organize the functional needs of the building. Near the end of the programming design process, WAC needed to cut 10,000 square feet of space out of the building to meet their preliminary budget needs. Klingner Architectural Group Interior Designer, Heather Olson, was instrumental in helping create the final layout of the building to squeeze out the extra 10,000 square feet and have a beautiful building that still meet the functional needs of the Achievers. Heather also created all of the renderings and animations for the building.

At this time, WAC has started their fundraising campaign toward their goal of raising the money for the new facility.