Project Summary

Klingner was hired to improve the effectiveness of two existing storm sewers. The storm sewer at the east end of Virginia Street did not connect to the City system, but rather dumped onto a hillside on the west edge of the property. The City wished to repair the existing inlets at the end of Virginia Street and extend the storm sewer to Des Moines Avenue to connect to the existing storm sewer collection system to minimize property damages.

The storm sewer inlet at the intersection of Sycamore and 6th Streets connects to a storm sewer pipe that goes down slope to Bluff Road. This pipe had been disconnected and was discharging water onto the steep slope contributing to soil erosion. The City wanted to see this storm sewer connection repaired in such a way that it can be maintained by City staff in the future.

Land surveying and design services for both projects included: performing, reviewing, and reporting findings from office and courthouse research regarding property ownership and easements; an Iowa One Call and locating visible utilities / those as marked by utility companies or their locating service; setting horizontal and vertical survey control points referenced to state plane coordinates and mean sea level elevations as necessary; running bench loop and setting bench marks at the top and bottom of the bluff; a topographic survey at and near the east end of Virginia Street; a topographic survey at the bottom of the bluff; a topographic survey at and near the intersection of Sycamore and North 6th Streets; a topographic survey at the bottom of the bluff and along Bluff Road; investigating, locating, and obtaining invert elevations of existing storm and sanitary sewers; and preparing drawings using a combination of data gathered from topographic surveys and Lidar to generate contours.

Additional engineering services involved determining the appropriate sewer grades, pipe sizes, and establishing the location and elevation of any intermediate manhole structures. Consideration was given to site limitations, including existing utilities and adjacent topography as well as limits of Right-of Way.