Project Summary

Pemiscot County Port Authority requested that Klingner assist on a variety of development projects throughout 2019. Klingner provided surveying, civil / site design, railway design, and grant application assistance.

  • Cotton Seed Facility: Klingner provided civil / site and railway design services towards the construction of a cotton seed storage and shipping facility located on the Port’s property. Klingner worked with the cotton seed company and Port Authority to design a rail siding that would service the new facility. Additionally, Klingner developed grading plans for the facility, access roadway, and rail siding that utilized topographic survey data collected by Klingner surveyors at the site.
  • Dredge Basin: Klingner provided civil / site design for improvements to an existing piece of Port property located immediately adjacent to the Mississippi River. The civil / site design included raising the property to an elevation exceeding the flood of record and also providing the location with a dedicated point of access. These improvements were incorporated into a grant application package that Klingner assisted with by drafting both the Professional Engineering Report and Environmental Narrative. The grant has been received by the Port Authority with the planned improvements occurring in the next year.
  • Property Acquisition: The Pemiscot County Port Authority was recently working towards the acquisition of property adjoining property previously acquired by the Port. Klingner was retained to perform boundary survey and develop plats for recording once the transactions were complete. Klingner also assisted the Port Authority on a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment on a portion of the property being acquired. All property transactions have been completed and the properties are now being developed and / or marketed towards future development.