Project Summary

Klingner provided professional services for this CDBG-funded project involving flood disaster repair from the 2008 Flood event in the Oakville, Louisa County, IA, area. Services were provided for four separate phases. Services provided included Digital Terrain Modeling, topographic surveys, bathymetric surveys, geotechnical analysis, permitting, wetlands delineation, Right-of-Way acquisition, preliminary and final design, specifications, construction staking, resident project representation, and construction / material testing.

  • Phase I – Dredge & North Sand Transport, Newt Marine:</strong Dredge placement of up to 139,060 CY of sand material from one dredge site and uniform levee maintenance, including embankment shaping on the crown and landside berms on about 5,300 lineal feet of the levee system and one stockpile on the landside of the levee system.
  • Phase II – North Sand Transport Part 2, K&N Excavating: Placement of up to 12,880 CY of stockpiled dredge sand and uniform levee maintenance, including embankment shaping on about 4,675 lineal feet of the levee system. Work also included fertilizing, seeding, and mulching on approximately 14,225 lineal feet of levee crown and land side berms.
  • Phase III – Bendway Weirs, Newt Marine: Placement of up to 1,300 CY of Iowa DOT Class C Revetment material mechanically processed among four separate Bendway Weirs.
  • Phase IV – Rip Rap at 2008 Breach Repair, Fye Excavating Base Rip-Rap Project: 8,200 CY of bedding stone, and up to 24,000 CY of Iowa DOT Class B Rip-Rap material distributed along the river side of the levee. Work also included placing additional bedding stone to a total distance of 1,175 linear feet and 6,700 CY.