Project Summary

Klingner collaborated with the City of Pella and the Historic Pella Trust (HPT) in the development of an attractive and historic learning walkway.

The Tuttle Cabin Learning Walkway connects the historic Tuttle Cabin with Sunken Gardens Park. Meandering between the two local landmarks, the trail features six (6) learning stations about Pella’s past: the land before the Dutch, why the Dutch left their homeland, Pella’s early years, Pella and the Civil War, Tulip Time and Sunken Gardens Park, and the Dutch influence on Pella today. Each learning station was widened past the standard 6′ width to provide ample space for small groups and guided tours (up to eight (8) people and a docent).

Accessibility was an important design feature coordinated with the clients. With the walkway being utilized by schools, youth groups, and groups spanning all ages, it was important to provide a fully accessible trail. The design utilized a maximum running slope of 5% and a maximum cross slope of 2%.

Landscaping was designed to emphasize Pella’s history, creating a mid-19th Century setting using native plant massing of trees, shrubs, and perennials.