St. Francis Solanus Church - Steeple Rehabilitation

Quincy, IL

Klingner provided architectural and structural services to assist St. Francis Solanus Church with storm damage reconstruction of the church steeple and roof. On July 13, 2015, a damaging straight-line wind swept through Quincy, IL causing extensive damage throughout the City. The church sustained damage to the slate-roofed steeple, decorative metal finials, as well as the cement asbestos shingle roofing on the main body of the church. Klingner performed an initial inspection and provided recommendations for stabilization of the steeple. This work was completed by Waterkotte Construction and VonderHaar Masonry. Klingner then solicited initial repair to make the structure watertight, done by Kirberg Roofing of St. Louis. Due to the amount of damaged cement asbestos shingles, which exceeded any salvage supply of this material that was available, total replacement of the cement asbestos shingles with a new synthetic slate roof was undertaken, re-roofing the steeple with real slate and replacing existing materials with current-day equal materials.

Services provided included coordination of structural support of the four replacement decorative metal finials near the base of the steeple, obtaining field measurements, design and detail of the decorative metal finial structural supports, structural review and seal final shop drawings, address requests for information during construction, and limited site visits during construction.  (Images shown are of storm damage and rehabilitation progress.)

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