Project Summary

Klingner designed a new energy-efficient facility and water treatment process for Ralls County PWSD No. 1. The project scope involved groundwater alluvial wells, a solids contact clarifier basin with stainless steel equipment, raw water transmission main, lime softening water treatment facility, and water transmission main into the distribution system. Klingner also handled all easements / ROW and permitting.

Our team developed a specialized treatment process with chemical additions to remove contaminants to meet public drinking water standards. Measures to mitigate issues include testing for addition of an anionic polymer for total organic carbon removal, addition of high-density lime to the solids contact clarifier for removal of iron and manganese, increasing the detention time in the solids contact clarifier for iron and manganese removal, and use of breakpoint chlorination on top of the filters for removal of ammonia. Through extensive testing of the raw water, these strategies produce stable drinking water.

The accompanying facility was designed to fully support the new water treatment process. The design includes a laboratory with ample counter space and cabinetry for storage, as well as an operator office with a restroom and shower. To enhance safety, employees are equipped with eyewash stations in the treatment area and laboratory, handrails were utilized through the design, and sprinklers were installed in areas where high oxidizing agents are used and stored.

Proper ventilation of the building is achieved through a source capture exhaust system over the filters to isolate chlorine gas and disinfection byproducts. Due to the presence of open tanks, a high-capacity dehumidification system was installed to prevent condensation problems on pipes and the building structure. Insulated metal roof panels and insulated concrete — chosen by the District from three building type options — are incorporated to further prevent condensation and also enhance energy efficiency.