Ralls County PWSD - Water Test Well

Hannibal, MO

Project involved the drilling of an 80’ deep alluvial well that has a safe yield of 2,500 GPM just north of Hannibal Missouri. The well is set up to be a production well in the future.

Services provided included determination of the design parameters for the test well, proposals from well drilling firms for test well, review of bids and recommendation of award, coordination of the scheduling of the well drilling operations and coordination between Client and Land owner, coordination of testing of raw water sampling with District personnel, review the construction and pump testing, bid the construction of a road to the test well site, review water quality analysis and make recommendations for further testing, coordinate and obtain cost estimates for further pump testing and water quality testing of the test well, determine and coordinate crop damage payment, and staking of the test well location and boundaries of District property for the drilling contractor.

Additional services included coordination and scheduling of additional 30 day pump testing and water quality testing, review of water quality results following the 30 day pump test and recommendations on treatment required to bring the water to  public drinking water standards, prepared a detailed cost analysis for the recommended treatment option and identification of a potential route locations for raw water transmission main from the wells to a potential treatment plant location, identify  potential treatment plant locations and determine current landowners, prepare a detailed cost analysis and identify potential route locations for the treated water transmission main from the water treatment plant to the existing water distribution system.