Quincy Park District: Riverfront Trail

Quincy, IL

The City of Quincy called upon Klingner & Associates to develop a Riverfront Vision Master Plan, which comprised a series of concept and exhibit drawings to assist the central business district revitalization program for the City. With our firm’s foundation focusing on water resources engineering, our presence was heavily requested in the design of Quincy’s riverfront. Specific elements addressed in our Master Plan included a waterworks concept plan, a City of Refuge Memorial (commemorating Quincy’s assistance to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ members during their forced exodus from Missouri in 1839) and Edgewater Park Development. From this Master Plan, Quincy riverfront parks Clat Adams and Kessler Parks were developed as a result of this Master Plan.

The first focus Klingner professionals set to design was known as the “Riverfront Renaissance”, which was the development of the riverfront area from Edgewater Park to All America City Park. The Renaissance provided an ornamental park and greenway area along the Mississippi River and the Quincy Bay. The project reclaimed industrial areas and developed them into park areas for citizens of Quincy and the Tri-State area to enjoy the beauty of the Mississippi River.

The second focus was the focal point known as the “Signature Area”, which is located between Quincy’s Memorial and Bayview bridges. The project was designed for staged construction starting in the Signature Area, then north to Kessler Park. Signature Area designs include water tolerant landscaping, fencing, lighting, benches, access roads, parking, brick walkways, limestone masonry retaining wall rehabilitation and extensions, sheet piling wall extensions, and a pavilion/gazebo and an accessible restroom.

Klingner assisted the Quincy Park District in the application process for a grant through the Illinois Department of Conservation Boat Access Area Construction Program. The grant was received and preliminary and final design was completed by Klingner.  The design meets ADA compliant regulations as a completely accessible dock. Other design elements include landscaping, roads, parking, tables, and lighting. Additionally, our design was acknowledged by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources as one of five sources for their state manual, as showcased in Figure 1 of the manual.

In later years, a master plan was developed for the Quincy Water Treatment Plant site, which included a multi-use trail which would connect Clat Adams and Edgewater Parks. Klingner provided concept planning, surveying, preliminary design, final design and construction documents, which included an 8 foot wide multi-use trail, a trailhead with parking, security fencing, historic lighting, and landscaping.  Connections to the existing parks were coordinated with the Park District and carefully coordinated with the Burlington Junction and Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroads, as they were required due to the trail designed parallel with the railroad tracks.  The project was funded with a HUD grant and Transportation Enhancement funds. , pedestrian pier and riverboat dock, parking and native wetland tree planting. 

Overall, the Riverfront Vision Master Plan project received an Engineering Excellence Achievement Award, from the Consulting Engineers Council of Illinois.



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