City of Quincy - Emergency Wastewater Treatment Plant Repair

Quincy, IL

A storm flooded the City of Quincy Waste Water Treatment Facility, rendering the electrical system inoperable. Klingner & Associates, P.C. and Richard’s Electric Motor Company provided emergency design and construction services to return the plant to operation. Temporary electrical equipment was installed and Klingner initiated design of the permanent electrical system replacement. Klingner expedited the design and completed plans for the $4.2Million project in 25 weeks.

The permanent electrical system modifications raised all critical electrical equipment above the 500-year flood level and provided redundant power sources and multiple back-up generators. Extensive use of cable tray was utilized to provide flexible pathways for installation of power and control wiring. This feature allowed for a seamless transition from temporary power to the permanent system and allows for future additions and modifications. Controls were designed to accomodate future installation of an upgraded SCADA system. The project was completed on schedule with minimal change orders.

This project was selected for a Merit Award winner in the 2015 ACEC-Illinois Engineering Excellence Award Competition.