Northeast Correctional Center - Heating Loop Replacement

Bowling Green, MO

Beginning shortly after occupancy of the Northeast Correctional Center, the facility began to experience corrosion failure in both the heating and domestic hot water underground distribution systems. The corrosion failures started with small diameter pipes serving individual housing units, but failures of larger diameter mains followed and prior to the replacement project, failures were occurring in the main piping loop on a regular basis, causing interruption to the heating and/or domestic hot water supply of multiple campus buildings. The degradation of the piping system combined with the frequency of the failures made each subsequent repair to the system more difficult. The condition of the piping system had reached critical status and threatened to shut down the entire facility, requiring the relocation of thousands of incarcerated offenders.

Klingner & Associates P.C. was selected via the qualification based selection process by the Missouri Office of Administration - Facilities Management, Design & Construction to provide all of the professional engineering services required for the replacement of the existing underground piping system. Klingner analyzed ten different replacement system options, and the State of Missouri made the ultimate decision to utilize a replacement system consisting of pre-insulated fiberglass reinforced plastic piping. Fiberglass reinforced plastic piping is not commonly used for hot water distribution, but the corrosion resistant characteristic of the piping was highly desired by the State of Missouri.

The design requirements for fiberglass piping systems are very different than the design requirements for the traditional metallic piping system used in the original project design and had to be fully accounted for in the project design. In addition to the selection of the pipe material, Klingner & Associates was also responsible for designing a project that could be constructed within a fully occupied correctional facility. The construction of the replacement piping system could not interrupt existing utility services or otherwise disrupt the operation of the correctional facility. Ultimately over 20,000 lineal feet of pipe was installed in over 5,000 lineal feet of trench on-time and on-budget and the system is operating successfully.

Klingner's careful and innovative solution was awarded an ACEC-MO Honor Award, as well as caught the attention of national magazine "Plumbing Engineer", which made the featured cover story for April 2018's Issue.