Monmouth College - Peacock Memorial Athletic Park

Monmouth, IL

Monmouth College’s Peacock Memorial Athletic Park consists of a baseball field and two soccer fields.  The NCAA baseball complex is identified as Glasgow Field and includes restrooms/team rooms, press box, dugouts, spectator seating, and a sound system.  The field was constructed with a complete sub-drainage system, sand amended topsoil and special turf mix to allow play within hours of a significant rainfall.  The field is fully irrigated with computerized controls.  An irrigation pond was constructed to recycle output from drainage systems, supplemented by creek water to eliminate costly city water bills.

Two regulation soccer fields were constructed east of Glasgow Field.  A complete sub-drainage system allowed the fields to be constructed with minimal cross slope.  Sand amended topsoil, special turf mix and complete irrigation system maximizes playing time and minimized maintenance.  An ornamental iron and masonry entrance gate provides an inviting entrance for students and spectators.