Monmouth College - Pattee Hall

Monmouth, IL

Pattee Residence Hall, houses 130 students in a modern coed living facility. Responding to rapidly increasing enrollment, through close cooperation between Monmouth College, Klingner & Associates, the general contractor and various subcontractors, the structure was designed, constructed, furnished and occupied in less than ten months.

This four story coed structure is designed with quad style suites with two large double rooms sharing a private bath with compartmented design for multiple student use. Each room has a large walk-in closet. Amenities include a large lounge on each floor, game room, kitchen and laundry facilities. A plaza on the south side of the building provides a popular meeting and social space. A few mechanical/electrical features include: dual high efficiency boilers, separate ducted fan coil systems with individual temperature control in each sleeping room, high-efficiency lighting, telephone, data and cable TV per sleeping room, wireless internet throughout building and adjacent plaza areas, proximity card readers and electronic locks to secure all exterior doors.