Knox County Courthouse: Master Plan Rehabilitation

Knox County, IL

Klingner played a vital role in the preservation of the historic Knox County Courthouse with the development of a Master Facilities Plan. Built in 1884, the courthouse was in need of significant upgrades and repairs. Klingner’s plan helped Knox County extend the useful life of the building by prioritizing deferred maintenance work and improvements.

An assessment of the building from foundation to roof evaluated each major architectural, structural, and mechanical and electrical system. Existing system conditions were documented in both written and photographic form and were ranked according to each item’s safety concern level. Klingner also prepared budgetary cost estimates for each major system and subsystem, met with the Building Committee to discuss options, and established a reasonable year-by-year timeline for proposed improvements.

An additional phased five-year improvement plan was developed to mitigate potential exterior safety hazards. New priorities included reconstruction of the three stone entrances, new granite treads, adding handrails, cleaning masonry, repointing, and spraying the exterior with a water repellent application to prevent further water intrusion.

Upcoming phases will focus on the courthouse’s interior with plans for the replacement of existing electrical and plumbing throughout the building.