City of Kirksville - Wastewater Treatment Facility

Kirksville, MO

The City of Kirksville selected the team of HDR / Klingner to assist them with initial and DNR construction permitting and compliance for upgrades to their existing wastewater treatment plant. The existing facility was constructed in 1975 and consists of screw pumps, grit removal, primary clarifiers, a packed tower trickling filter, rotating biological contactors, secondary clarifiers, anaerobic digestion, and a sludge pond. The project expanded the facility from 3 MGD to a 5 MGD capacity and addresses regulatory effluent permit requirements for BOD5, TSS, ammonia, and total nitrogen.

Throughout the project process, the design team was challenged with maintaining the existing facility while constructing the new one. HDR / Klingner met with the City Manager / City Engineer monthly and with WWTP operating staff at least twice per month. The design included a new 5 MGD activated sludge wastewater treatment plant with aeration basins, two circular clarifiers, conversion of the existing anaerobic digesters to aerobic digesters with surface aerators, new headworks / screening structure, and laboratory building.

Klingner's role included performing data collection and evaluation, regulatory assistance, treatment plant evaluation, design and construction administration /observation of the conversion of the anaerobic digesters to aerobic digesters with surface aerators, design of two new secondary clarifiers, and all site work design.

Project Industries

Water / Wastewater, Civic

Departments Involved

Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing, Structural, Water / Wastewater, Civil/Site

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