Project Summary

Geotechnics, a division of Klingner, provided geotechnical, construction material testing, and special inspections for this new penitentiary.

Geotechnical consultation included standard proctor, relative density, Atterberg limits, nuclear gauge density, and moisture.

Concrete was tested for air, slump, and temperature, and test samples were prepared for curing and compression testing. Ambient temperatures were monitored and recommendations were made accordingly. Insulated curing boxes were provided, as needed. Field and laboratory cured cylinders (sets of 4 each) were prepared and tested.

Special inspections and testing were completed in accordance with the International Building Code 2009, Chapter 17, and were performed as the structures were erected. Footings were tested for proper bearing capacity. Geotechnics visually checked reinforcement, anchors, grouting, and prepared test grout specimens, as appropriate per code. Engineers and technicians also checked bolted connections, visually inspected welds, checked structural steel, and checked the cold-formed steel deck.

A handheld GPS unit was utilized to document the locations of tests, and photographs were obtained periodically.