Project Summary

Klingner provided Phase II Engineering services for the design and plan preparation of a replacement of SN 001-0032, a 1-span concrete deck structure, over Cedar Creek. The primary issue facing the existing bridge was its load posting. Since the posting was a function of the bridge’s design and not its condition, repairing the existing structure would not have corrected the issue. As the existing structure was also in poor condition, a replacement structure was recommended.

Phase II services included opinions of probable cost, route and land surveys, hydraulic analysis, preparation of TS&L plans, roadway plans, Right-of-Way documents, and final plans and specifications.

The replacement structure SN 001-0034 is a precast 3-sided structure (48’ x 12’) on concrete stem walls supported on rock. Because of the poor condition of the existing bridge, an accelerated replacement schedule was created and a road closure was proposed.

Retaining walls were added due to a proposed bike path under the structure and a stream realignment. Precast modular retaining walls, also serving as wing walls for the bridge, were provided at all four corners.