Project Summary

The Howard-Cooper County Regional Port Authority operates a small dock near Missouri River Mile 196 on the river’s left descending bank. The Port Authority purchased an undeveloped 18-acre site downstream of the existing dock with the intention to develop the acquired acreage into a new docking, laydown, and storage facility.

Klingner was retained by the Port Authority to provide engineering, master planning consultation, permitting assistance, and design services for the proposed facility. During Phase I of the project, Klingner worked with USACE-NWK to scope the requirements of the Section 10 / 404 and Section 408 permits / permissions based upon Klingner’s preliminary design. In Phase II, Klingner executed the defined permitting scope of work, as well as full design and master planning services. Design services incorporated the civil / site master plan to allow for future and / or phased project expansion, while also incorporating an elevated dock platform to reduce flood risks. Design services included a full structural design for the sheet pile dock, mooring cells, and winching system, which utilized Engineering Manuals 1110-2-1614, 1110-2-1902, 1110-2-2502, 1110-2-2503, and 1110-2-2504.

Challenging components of the project included a levee crossing design and the permitting of the removal of multiple wing dams located along the proposed dock frontage. Klingner worked with USACE-NWK staff to determine means and methods to efficiently and effectively address each of these challenges. Ultimately, Klingner and USACE-NWK determined that the wing dam materials could be utilized for stream bank stabilization on the Missouri River banks flanking the proposed dock location. The levee crossing design was vetted through the non-federal levee sponsor with a letter of endorsement citing their approval of the design.

Klingner also provided engineering services to improve the port’s existing dock at River Mile 196.5. Klingner’s design replaced the existing dock structure that had fallen into a state of disrepair. The new sheet pile wall was designed immediately adjacent to the existing dock and features a robust tieback system as well as tie off / vertical pipe piles for sheet pile protection. Klingner performed a hydraulic impacts analysis using steady flow modeling for submittal to permitting agencies. Geotechnical, survey, bidding, and construction administration services were also completed as part of this project.