Project Summary

Klingner provided Phase I and Phase II design services for the reconstruction of the historic town square around the Menard County Courthouse.

Initially, Klingner assisted the City in applying for and receiving an Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP) grant. As part of the design process, Klingner engineers evaluated the existing traffic pattern around the square. The proposed improvements in Klingner’s final design include reclaimed brick driving lanes, asphalt parking lanes, new concrete sidewalks, drainage improvements, and new historic lighting. Klingner engineers worked with IDOT, IHPA, and FHWA to ensure the proposed improvements enhanced the historic qualities of the area while meeting current design standards and the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). A public meeting was also held to explain the improvements and solicit community input.

Klingner also provided Phase III inspection as a subconsultant, which included reviews of daily reports and line item quantity reports. A current Klingner professional, while employed by the Phase III prime firm, served as the Resident Engineer. His work included on-site inspection, field measurements, quantity calculations for plan quantity payments, project diary entries, material documentation review, project administration filing, IDOT correspondence, and daily field reports. On a weekly basis, he generated Traffic Control Inspection reports and Resident Engineer reports. Additionally, he generated and submitted monthly Pay Estimates to the City of Petersburg and IDOT’s Construction Department for review and approval. Upon completion of on-site construction, he coordinated with IDOT’s Construction Department and Materials Department to ensure that quantity reports, material reports, payment records, and all documentation files were accurate and finalized according to IDOT’s closeout procedures.