Project Summary

Klingner was selected to further define a Master Plan for improving the existing Hannibal Riverfront. This study and design for riverfront improvements maintain current infrastructure, meet the changing needs of the community, attract tourists, accommodate riverboat traffic, and provide space for riverfront events and festivals.

To develop concepts and cost estimates, Klingner met with a steering committee consisting of the mayor, chief of police, city finance officer, tourism director, parks and recreation director, and a representative from the economic development group. A market analysis was completed to determine the riverfront’s potential use, rates, and payback costs. Three concepts and accompanying exhibits were presented at a town hall-style meeting for public commentary. Klingner executed preliminary design and cost estimates for all three alternatives. For the marina, this cost estimate included dredging volume, breakwater modifications, a boat ramp, floating docks, gangways, accessible shore connection, and relocation of the existing fuel dock.

Once an option was selected, Klingner met again with the steering committee and held individual meetings with key stakeholders, including the Mark Twain Riverboat, Canton Marine Towing, the “Save Hannibal’s Marina” group, and Hannibal Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Final design incorporated a marina on the south end of the site. Adequate space for vehicles pulling boats and access to the main parking was incorporated into the site. The marina inlet / outlet was also designed to minimize silting of the river access. Additional projects elements include riprap slope walls, dredging, docks, mooring cells, pavements, curbs, fencing, sidewalks, an interactive fountain, railings, a boat ramp, landscaping, lighting, and other features as identified in the master plan. Klingner also provided permitting, bidding, and construction services.