Project Summary

Klingner provided professional design services for Hannibal Regional Hospital’s Healthy Way Walking Trail.

On the original section of trail, patients, visitors, and the public alike can choose between a 1-mile loop and a 1.65-mile loop that winds through the south and east sides of the campus. The southern loop runs along Shinn Lane and connects the Shinn Lane Medical Building with Hospital Drive. Across Hospital Drive, the trail continues into Hospital Park, a peaceful resting area that connects to existing campus sidewalks.

Phase II, the Healthy Way Nature Trail expansion, is located west of the hospital and heliport. Users can follow this .5-mile loop around a small pond and wooded area, complete with lighting and a new 10-stall parking lot. A storm water pollution plan informed the grading and drainage design, and the trail alignment was designed to minimize disturbance to the wooded areas.

Accessibility was of the utmost importance when creating both phases of the popular trail system. To accommodate the wide variety of users at different mobility levels, care was taken to incorporate gentle slopes, curb ramps, and clear pedestrian crossings at roadways and entrances.

Future visions for the trail include adding a large covered pavilion, picnic benches, a memorial paver plaza, and other amenities.