Project Summary

Working as a subconsultant, Klingner provided a geotechnical investigation and construction material testing for the 184,500 SF addition and renovation of the hospital campus.

Geotechnical services consisted of drilling 18 test borings in and near the addition and new parking lots to depths of between 6 to 29 feet. Two borings were extended into bedrock by coring using NQ-2” wireline tools. Services provided were in accordance with ASTM D 2216-05 and ASTM D 2487-06. Soils were identified in accordance with ASTM D 2488-06 and ASTM D2487-06.

Klingner also provided full construction materials testing and special inspections throughout the project, including soil testing (shear strength, consolidation, index properties, classification, grain size, permeability, moisture-density, and aggregate quality tests); concrete testing (compressive strength, cylinder molding, slump, air content, and temperature tests); masonry testing (mortar compressive strength, grout compressive strength, grout slump, and temperature tests); asphalt testing (extraction and gradation as well as density verification); structural steel inspection; and sprayed fireproof resistant material inspection.