Gardner Denver

Quincy, IL

Klingner & Associates has provided design for numerous and ongoing flood control improvement projects from the 1970s to present day for Gardner Denver Company / Cooper Industries, an extensive industry located on the Mississippi River in Quincy Illinois and LaGrange Missouri. These projects have involved flood walls, flood protection plans, stormwater control, flood emergency plans, flood predictions, recommendations for temporary strengthening of flood walls during times of flood, water supply protection, retaining wall design, flood pumps, and rebuilding costs for flood damage.

In addition to structural remediation projects, K&A has provided detailed hydrologic and hydraulic analysis for many projects. Such projects include FEMA LOMA & LOMRs, dam break analysis, floodway encroachment analysis, seepage studies, bridge and culvert analysis, FEMA Provisionally Accredited Levees-Interior Drainage Analysis, unsteady flow modeling, erosion / sedimentation analysis, flow frequency analysis, and many other advanced studies.