Project Summary

Klingner has provided design for numerous and ongoing flood control improvement projects from the 1970s to the present day for Gardner Denver Company / Cooper Industries, located on the Mississippi River in Quincy, IL, and in LaGrange, MO.

The most substantial of these projects have been the construction and reinforcement of floodwalls protecting the plants at the 500-year flood elevation. Existing floodwalls and building walls were utilized, where possible, to reduce costs to the plant. Klingner engineers raised the height of existing floodwalls and added concrete buttresses. Brick building walls were reinforced with concrete, while new sheet piling floodwalls were installed at strategic locations. Most recently, Klingner designed a custom cantilever steel gate with cast-in-place concrete supports. Designed for rapid closure during emergencies, the gate utilizes heavy duty rubber solid bulb P-seals to create a near watertight seal around the gate opening. These floodwall projects were reviewed and approved by USACE, IDNR, and IEPA.

Additional flood protection projects have involved flood protection plans, stormwater control, flood emergency plans, flood predictions, recommendations for temporary strengthening of floodwalls during times of flood, water supply protection, flood pumps, and flood damage repair.

Detailed hydrologic and hydraulic analyses have also been provided. Such projects include FEMA LOMA and LOMRs, dam break analyses, floodway encroachment analyses, seepage studies, bridge and culvert analyses, FEMA Provisionally Accredited Levees-interior drainage analyses, unsteady flow modeling, erosion / sedimentation analyses, flow frequency analyses, and many other advanced studies.