Project Summary

The Santa Fe Complex welcomed visitors and freight to Fort Madison from 1910 to 1968, afterwards serving as the home of the North Lee County Historical Society (NLCHS) museum. Klingner was contracted to rehabilitate this historic building so that it may once again be used as an operational passenger train station. Design was coordinated by Klingner between the City, Amtrak, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF), North Lee County Historical Society, and the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT).

Final plans were developed and reviewed by all stakeholders for four project phases:

  • PHASE I: Due to frequent flooding, all three buildings on the site were raised by 4FT to sit above the 500-year flood elevation of the Mississippi River. New concrete foundations and flooring were constructed.
  • PHASE II: The site was raised to match the station’s new elevation. Work included pavement removal, embankment, a new concrete parking lot, concrete sidewalks, form-lined concrete retaining walls, drainage improvements, LED lighting, and other miscellaneous items.
  • PHASE III: An interior renovation was designed to add an Amtrak station and ticket office while maintaining the facility’s historic character. This work included new restrooms, terrazzo floors, lighting, HVAC system, and other items.
  • PHASE IV: The final phase included the construction of a 1,000 SF passenger platform. Helical piers were added to support the edge of the platform and adhere to BNSF safety standards. All work — including the concrete platform, retaining walls, historic lighting, signage, and landscaping — was completed within timeframes designated by BNSF and Amtrak.