Fitzpatrick Brothers - Manufacturing Facility

Quincy, IL

Klingner provided architectural, civil, geotechnical, structural and mechanical/electrical/plumbing design services for this 60,000 SF pre-engineered industrial facility.

The facility was designed for future expansion to the north, which houses two offices, a laboratory, a conference room, restrooms, reception area, locker room, lunch room, storage and shipping/receiving room. Due to the facility’s location within an Industrial Park, the site also included an extension of an existing industrial rail spur.

Specific mechanical/electrical/plumbing project elements included a fume hood, acid resistant sink & waste piping, subsurface conditions, water distribution and fire service systems, storm and sanitary sewerage systems, fire pump room, and detention basins. Mechanical/electrical/plumbing details were designed for building-related equipment and major power distribution to serve process equipment. The HVAC design required careful attention to air velocities to avoid blowing empty cans off the conveyor lines.

Electrical design included in the electrical service, provisions for fine pump connection, and major power distribution within the production area. It also included step-down transformers and branch circut design for the office/break areas and lighting design for all interior and exterior spaces.

Project Industries


Departments Involved

Geotechnical / CMT, Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing, Structural, Civil/Site

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