DOT Foods - Food Warehouse & Distribution Facility

University Park, IL

DOT Foods, Inc., the nation’s largest food redistributor, constructed their tenth distribution center in the University Park Industrial Park in 2016.

In 2017, Klingner designed a new maintenance garage, guard shack, and operations office area for this 191,000 SF facility. The new two story 10,000 SF maintenance garage included site redesign for servicing stalls for semi-trucks, gate house and associated tractor/trailer parking lot. Inside the facility, included a new office area, parts room, locker room and break room. This facility was constructed with precast concrete wall panels and full design services were provided on this project.

Existing trailer and tractor parking spots were reconfigured to contain more trailer and tractor parking spots, and a 12’ x 12’ pit scale (by others) with approaches on two sides was incorporated. The existing employee break room was expanded to include remodeled / accessible restrooms and the addition of locker rooms, seating for 90 employees, and game tables. The expansion created more career opportunities and a comfortable space for drivers to rest and rejuvenate between long travel deliveries. The existing lot entrance remained intact for employee passenger vehicles and the new entrance was added for tractor/trailers with a minimum stacking area for six inbound tractor/trailers units and four tractor/trailer units outbound.