Crop Production Services - Dry Fertilizer Storage Buildings

Quincy, IL

Klingner provided site planning, structural, electrical, mechanical, & HVAC design for Crop Production Services original 20,000-ton dry fertilizer storage building south of Quincy (previously owned by UAP). The building was constructed with a precast wall system that allowed for quick and easy erection, catwalks, conveyor supports, a wood-framed control building, and mixer enclosure.

Currently, Klingner is finishing the renovation of an additional 10,000-ton structure, adjacent to the original building. Staff field measured existing foundation walls, buttress, and footing sizes and visually evaluated the condition of the existing foundation. Drawings of the building foundation were submitted to the building manufacturer in order for them to properly size the new building. Klingner also designed and detailed modifications to existing foundation, in order to support a new wood-framed building. Our team provided assistance in filling out enterprise zone paper work and obtaining a building permit, as well as sealed and signed foundation plans.

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Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing, Structural, Civil/Site

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